Persica IP

PP353 is a unique combination of an antibiotic, a radio-opaque dye and a thermosensitive gel that provides an ideal product for intradiscal injection. Selection of the right antibiotic and radio-opaque dye from multiple options required extensive in vitro and in vivo experimentation. Interactions between the antibiotic, dye and the thermosensitive gel meant that iterative rounds of formulation optimisation were required to select the right gel concentration to control the temperature at which the transition from liquid to stiff gel, on warming, took place.

Persica has filed multiple patents on the broad concept of intradiscal antibiotic injection, the selected formulation and on the manufacturing process to produce PP353.

The international search report for Persica’s first patent application indicates that all claims are novel. Persica will file applications in all relevant markets with patent exclusivity anticipated to 2038.